27 May 2012

Simon Cowell gets his first whiff of Fish

The murky origins of The Fish Brothers can be traced back to a talent competition held at Brighton's Zap Club in the 1980s, where Martin and Tim Fish revealed the effects of vodka on Madonna songs and invented a dance craze that never caught on. In this episode of Fish At The Wheel, Martin recalls the star searches and talent shows the band has graced, mostly along the coast in Worthing. Join him as he spares a thought for the fate of Cliff Wisdom and shakes a fist at The Findon Village People, while McGhee fixes the clapometer to guarantee victory and Tim O'Tay eats sandwiches live on stage. Then the big break seems to finally arrive when the band are invited to perform on Britain's Got Talent and Martin manages not to flash his nob at the judges for a change.

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