9 April 2013

The Kaptain Kunt Klub

After slogging up and down the M23 throughout the longest winter in living memory, we release this barrel of filth as the first of two new podcasts recorded on wet winter drives. Martin recollects the origins of the Fish Brothers, from vodka-fuelled performers at the Zap Club's Tuesday night talent show to a Sunday night institution at The Eagle. Moving further downstream we visit the BBC and ITV, where Martin and his bachelor boys form the Kaptain Kunt Klub to compete for the inaugural Kunt of the Year awards. The Kaptain leads his crew to Stonehenge and Bonfire Night at Lewes, where the locals hurl rockets as well as insults. For this episode's musical finale, Martin delves into the archives to present the early psychedelic classic from Salad From Atlantis, Something in my Cyder.

Right click to download: The Kaptain Kunt Klub